Mole Removal

If you have holes in your yard, you may need mole removal in Missouri City . Call us at 832-789-4194 for trapping and extermination. They are hardy rodents that protect themselves by burrowing. Unfortunately this burrowing causes damage to landscaping and lawns. We can help with this problem throughout Fort Bend County, Texas.

They can become a serious threat to any yard or garden. It is very difficult to control the spread of these burrowing rodents without professional help. Once you begin to notice signs of an infestation it is time to contact your local wildlife professional. They make very unique mounds that are unmistakable.

From trapping to deterrence, we will be able to find something that works for you. Having professionals set traps means the convenience of having us replace the traps and handle the animal. Setting up traps can prevent a wandering mole from building up its home on your property. Trapping and preventing them from infesting your property will save lots of time and money in the long run. Keep your lawn looking great and vermin free with the help of local wildlife removal specialists.

Moles Damage Yards and Gardens

Moles will damage your yard and garden in Missouri City as they are searching for food. They will eat the roots of the plants in your lawn or garden. A colony, or group of moles can quickly tear up your lawn. Before beginning to repair your lawn you need to make sure that you have removed them. Let us trap them with our trained staff of experts. Once they have been removed, you can begin to repair your lawn or garden.