Armadillo Trapping and Control

Armadillos can be a nuisance to homeowners in Pasadena. Yards and grassy open areas are very inviting to armadillos throughout Harris County, Texas. They like to take up shelter under porches, patios and decks or burrow into your lawn. Lawns are filled with their favorite foods. Earthworms, grubs and other insects are all available to them right in your yard. If you are finding piles of dirt in your beautiful lawn, you likely have an armadillo problem.

Landscaped or mulched areas are just as susceptible to the destruction of these wild looking animals. It can be very expensive to replace what they destroy. Call our wildlife experts as soon as you see evidence of an armadillo on your property.

Armadillo Trapping Pasadena

The ideal approach for handling them is to trap and relocate them. We are trained to do this in a safe and humane way. We have years of experience with these animals here in Pasadena and are ready to help you.

We are also prepared to remove any dead armadillos you find on your property. We can deodorize the area as well. Local residents have found them in many places from yards to basements. This can be a disgusting problem and create a horrible odor. They should be removed from your property as soon as possible no matter where you find them. The odor will attract insects and other animals creating a much larger issue if not dealt with.